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Art Gallery 

Support Local Artists

The Ann Titus Real Estate office located on Canal Street in New Smyrna Beach features an art gallery displaying work by local artists from the New Smyrna Beach/Volusia County area. The work displayed is presented on many different mediums including oil, acrylic and metal work. You'll be sure to find something capable of making your new house feels like a new home.

Cathy Berse Cropped.png

Cathy Berse  Bio

I am a Plein Air artist. “Plein Air” is a French term used for paintings made directly from nature. Because I paint Plein Air my studio is generally outside.


I begin a piece by arriving at a location with a stretched gallery wrapped canvas, which has been painted with a golden color. This will give my paintings a warm undertone. I quickly scope out the scene to paint as the light changes by the minute. I want to capture the shadows cast by the sun. I take a deep breath, dip my brush in my oil paints and begin to enjoy the experience. It is my goal to share the beauty of nature with the viewers.

mirror like-CR.png
Soft Landing-CR.png
Top of the Morning-CR.png
Love Boats-CR.png
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